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In adolescent times, when our mates were using cannabis as an easy way to experience pleasure and joy, we have noticed a significant value in its history, versatility, as well as great possibilities that it can offer. Even early Slavs were commonly using cannabis, however it all has changed with IV industrial revolution, making the industry based on petroleum (which incidentally also has a great impact on production processes of “trashy” clothes). What is more, antidrug policy was implemented around the world, making the cannabis, and its treatment, almost forgotten. Nowadays, cannabis is not really appreciated, whilst for us it is an extraordinary plant, that can provide products in the best and rarely seen quality.

Our adventure with CannaWear started with intriguing conversations about ecology and ubiquitous consumerism, when we realized that most of the concerned people we know are only able to complain and impose their believes instead of giving a real possibility of making the world a more ecofriendly place. We have decided to change it and do something about it! We are determined to make other people fall in love with clothes made of cannabis – the most ecofriendly plant for cloth-making process. If you are reading this article, we hope you will also fall in love with cannabis-based clothes soon!

We are people with a very positive and optimistic attitude – we simply believe it is going to be better. Our beginnings however were not that simple – even though knitwear constitutes 80% of the total clothes on the market, only a few companies produce knitwear from cannabis, which is essential for our incredibly soft clothes. Its production is a bit more complicated, less automated and for those reasons way more expensive. We try to promote hemp clothes as best as we can, so its production can develop, making the end-product cheaper.

We started with designing basic-style clothes, as we want to give an opportunity of a pleasant experience to as many people as possible, regardless someone’s taste in fashion. Moreover, such clothes characterized by good quality should be future-proof and beyond so drastically changing vogue. We are continuously developing and soon we will introduce more sophisticated styles of our clothes.

We are happy to observe that more and more people begin to appreciate rather the quality of clothes, instead of their amount. In the end “less is more”, which here means more space, more free time, more appreciation of what we have and who we are. We are here to support all the people, who want to change something in themselves and in their surroundings. We are here, to make clothes which will be natural, durable, future-proof and will provide new experiences – clothes, that will make you feel better in your own body!

If you are reading this, your values are definitely like ours! We would like to thank you for having you! We would like to make you aware that YOU also have a great impact on our planet and with us you can make a change!

We hope that you share the same interests and values as us, and together we can create a better tomorrow.

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